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Our services

We are regarded in the industry as a driver of innovation. For over a decade, we have been providing our customers with SRTP encryption as well as TLS encrypted signaling, among other services. Our goals are not achieved until you are satisfied and successful in using our services.


Encryption of your telephony is possible with TLS & SRTP, where TLS encrypts the SIP packets and SRTP encrypts the conversation itself. TLS is usable at even without SRTP.


All calls are enabled in the best possible voice quality, depending on the software or hardware you use. Many codecs are available for this, including G.722, which is necessary for HD telephony, or the G.711 standard.

PBXs (trunk)

Indispensable when using your own PBX, the DDI function (Direct Dial In). Use your PBX over just one trunk.

Plant functionality

It doesn't always have to be your own PBX. Our system already has extensive TC functions and is also supplemented by an ACD system.


Protection against unpleasant surprises. Whitelisting, blacklisting, time and/or credit limits, destination network regulation, IP address restriction.

Local telephone numbers

Single numbers and/or number blocks, with or without an answering point from all German local networks are available.

Provider change

Take your existing phone numbers or phone number blocks with you to us. Number porting has never been easier.


Use extensive fax services. Incoming faxes via fax-to-eMail or with T.38 and outgoing faxes from the customer center, eMail-to-Fax or also with T.38 .

Group call

One call, many destinations. The group call function (parallel call) allows up to ten internal ports to ring simultaneously and/or up to two external destinations, also time-controlled.

Call forwarding

If you are on a call or not at your desk at the moment, call forwarding (also time-controlled) ensures that no call goes unanswered.


The voicebox does not only record calls in absence, it also simply plays announcements without recording function, e.g. if you want to inform your customers about company vacations.

own music on hold/sound logo

With your own music on hold and your own sound logo (music instead of ringing) you create individuality.

Show own CLIP

Own phone numbers that are stored with third-party providers can also be stored with us as CLIP and displayed to the called party.

CLIP no screening

Exclusively for our business customers, the transmission of CLIP telephone numbers even if they are not located on your premises, e.g. the transmission of the A telephone number in the case of your own forwarding.

… as well as many other functions available