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Provider change

With a provider change (also called porting), you transfer your phone numbers, whether individual numbers or blocks of numbers, from your current provider to a new one. This is now done relatively straightforwardly and reliably, usually within 14 days. However, the actual switch date always depends on the provider you are switching from and is usually linked to the term of your contract with that provider. Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer your telephone numbers out of your current contract before the end of the contract period.

If a provider change date is fixed, the porting of the numbers is carried out on this day, usually in the morning between 06:00 – 08:00 hours. This happens, if everything runs correctly, mostly imperceptibly for you.

The change of provider from your previous provider to is never initiated directly when ordering the tariff, but always as a separate process via our customer center. With the provider change form generated there, which the current number holder must sign, we can then carry out the porting and arrange all further steps for you.