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We can fax!

Fax to eMail

Incoming faxes to your phone number are directly converted to PDF on our system and sent to you via eMail.

In addition to the free variant, we also offer a paid PREMIUM variant (EUR 0.03 per received page). This is based on high quality software, which again significantly increases reliability.

T.38 Fax

With the T.38 protocol, we create a reliable way to connect the old world with the new. Your existing fax machine will continue to be your primary input and output device.

In addition to your fax machine, a T.38 “adapter” is also required for operation. The Fritz!Box, for example, is such an “adapter” that supports the T.38 protocol and thus makes your fax machine T.38-capable.

Mixed operation in conjunction with fax to email is also possible.

eMail to Fax

In addition to sending a fax directly from the Customer Center, you can also send a fax via eMail with an attached PDF. This is easy, convenient and possible from anywhere.

Here, the recipient fax number is specified as the eMail destination address ( and the document to be faxed is attached as a PDF. The subject line is used for authentication.

You will then receive a PDF shipment report via eMail, with a thumbnail of the 1st page and the shipping parameters, as well as the shipping status.