The services of DUStel rates in direct comparison

    Setup costs one EUR 0.00 EUR 0.00 EUR 0.00 EUR 0.00 EUR 0.00
    Monthly charge EUR 0.00 EUR 0.00 EUR 8.88 EUR 5.90 ab EUR 9.90
    Minimum contract duration (months)     3 6 or 12 1
    Internet connection (broadband) providers independently
    Immediate use directly after registration with access to the customer center
    Number porting (taking your existing phone number (s)) 2
    Number block on request with query point ordered (from block 30)
    Number blocks over 100 available on request
    Order number of all German local networks 2
    Optional public phoneregister entry (only for phone numbers which are connected with the
    Special numbers accessible (0137x (except 01377), 0180x, information, etc.)
    Free starting balance EUR 0.45 is automatically set
    Postpaid tariff (by direct debit, public institutions on invoice) 4
    Prepaid tariff (automatic charge by direct debit available) 4
    Simultaneously usable lines outbound 2 2 2 2 s. variants
    Simultaneously usable lines in inbound 2 2 2 2 s. variants
    Additional extensions free 4 4 2 5 or 10 like # of numbers
    Local number(s) included for free none none 1 2 s. Costs
    Up to 10 numbers from your local network with costs can be ordered
    Flatrate for German fixed network (for private customers only)
    Facsimile send / retrieve through customer
    Cheap SMS function (via the customer center)
    See itemized in real time in the customer center
    Call pause (consultation)
    Toggling (switching between multiple active lines)
    Three-party conference (depending on the device more than 3 participants possible)
    Calling Line Identification Presentation CLIP
    Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP) your landline numbers possible
    Calling Line Identification Restriction CLIR
    Internal network and on-net (IP-to-IP) calls worldwide free
    per minute billing
    per second billing
    eMail-to-Fax funcion 5
    Fax-to-eMail function 5
    T.38 protocol for fax sending / receiving faxes over traditional fax machines 3
    Parallel call (internal ports, fixed - / mobile numbers)
    Parallel call (internal ports, fixed - / mobile numbers) time controlled
    Call groups (internal ports, fixed - / mobile numbers)
    Call groups (internal ports, fixed - / mobile numbers) time controlled
    Call forwarding (internal connections, fixed / mobile numbers)
    Call forwarding (internal connections, fixed / mobile numbers) time controlled
    Phone numbers incoming explicitly allow / NOR whitelist
    Numbers for outgoing calls block (even groups of countries adjustable)
    Block numbers for incoming calls
    Limiting the call cost per SIP connection free adjustable 7
    Rate announcement before every call (can be deactivated)
    BLF (Busy Lamp Field, according to RFC 4235) 3
    DDI functions (extensions on your own hardware) 3
    Speed dial (create 2-4 digit extensions)
    Own music on hold (at further inquiry)
    Own ringbacktone for the caller (sound logo)
    Answering machine (voice mail) for each extension
    Own answering machine greetings for busy and unavailable
    Answering machine remote Inquiry using PIN
    MWI (Message Waiting Indication, according to RFC 3842) 3
    SRTP encryption of VoIP calls 3
    TLS encryption of the SIP signaling 3
    ACD system (queues fully featured) and time-controlled
    Meeting rooms (available optionally, with costs) 6
    IPSec VPN tunnel (required CISCO VPN client compatible) option available optional
    Payment by bank transfer
    Payment by direct debit 4
    Payment by Paypal
    Payment by sofortü

  1. Each newly appointed (not ported) number is calculated in DUStel 60 and DUStel starter plan with one-time EUR 9.90 and EUR 4.90 per year. The rates DUStel complete, DUStel business and DUStel one already include free numbers or number blocks. Additionally ordered phone numbers of the existing quota, calculated as above. In all tariffs, the numbers or number blocks through the clients must be ordered separately, ie automatic switching of telephone numbers with the tariff order will be given. The Number porting is free. For more information about port numbers and see the bottom of the menu details.
  2. The hard-and software used by you in accordance with the terminal must also support the feature.
  3. Prepaid tariff means that a previously charged amount can be used for phone calls, and an example Order number will be charged with existing balances. Postpaid tariffs are, however, usually billed at end of month by direct debit.
  4. The Fax-2-Email service is available as a free (beta) and Paid (PREMIUM, high reliability) variant. During fax 2 email service PREMIUM incoming faxes are charged EUR 0.03 per page, and is optional for each DUStel tariff option available. The email-2-fax service, both from the customer, as well as an email client such as Outlook can be used.
  5. Conference rooms can be booked in the customer for a period of 1-12 months. These are then a phone number from your DUStel tariff available. The price list for the conference system, see here.
  6. For your safety, you can use your respective SIP connections in postpaid tariffs allocate a maximum limit in EUR. When this limit is reached, no more outgoing calls are possible through this port. These settings can be adjusted at any time the Customer.