dusconferenceThe conferencing system of dus.net GmbH is a calling plan, which can be booked in addition to each DUStel tariff. After a successful connection of a fixed number of a desired local network1 you will be able to use a stable and reliable teleconferencing system for important conference calls. 







the conference system of dus.net GmbH offers following functions:

  • Time scheduling of a conference
  • Acquisition of all or any participant
  • Notified by e-mail about a conference to a participant
  • SMS notification of a conference to a participant2
  • Announcement-spoken name of a participant upon entry into a conference
  • Web interface for controlling the conference (mute, word granting targeted participants)
  • Video video conferencing support


achievement period price in EUR
Conference room (base price, including a group of participants (= 5 delegate places)) monthly 39,90
Each additional participant group (= 5 delegate places) (possible up to 100 participants per conference) monthly 9,90
Video video conferencing support (H.263, H.263 +, H.264) per participant monthly 3,00

Web control for conference room (participants mute speaking rights issue)

uniquely 250,00




The allocation of a local number is not automatically. It has to be ordered separately

(you will receive access with a tariff order) on our website under menu customercenter. Please refer to the allocation rules of lokal numbers in the left menu "Information".

2 sent SMS will be charged separately.