Local-NumbersAll dus.net VoIP customers can order on demand one or more new local number. The phone numbers are ordered network operators portable and could be ported on request to another provider.

Depending on the rate you receive either free numbers or number blocks, or we charge per number one time setup fee of 9.90 EUR, and an annual management expense fee of EUR 4.90. The dus.net GmbH offers the possibility of all German local networks to relate numbers. However, this case is that you can only get local numbers from the local network to which you are for business or pleasure also reported.



Allocation rules for local number

  • Local numbers must be ordered over the customer always, even if you get a complete DUStel or business tariff free phone numbers
  • a local network reference must be given, that is, phone numbers may be allocated only from local networks to which you have a direct relation (residence, work place)
  • a phone number order must be placed with an appropriate official document. These proofs are the following: for individuals, a copy of identity card (front and back) or a current certificate of registration and company, a trade register or a business registration.
  • In a local network exchange (eg through migration), the numbers must be returned. But you get the same amount of free and new numbers from the local network. Timely appointment of the new phone numbers is therefore advisable.

The allocation of one or more phone numbers or a block of numbers will take about 2-4 working days after receipt of your complete order forms at the dus.net GmbH, whatever the German local network. Request phone numbers we can not provide for. If several phone numbers ordered, we make sure that they are connected in series, but we can not always guarantee. When this number blocks is naturally always the case.

If you decide to convert your existing telephone line or your existing landline phone numbers to IP telephony, you can also port to dus.net. You need more then theoretically no landline. More information about porting you get left in the menu item "porting".