Connection Ratelist

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      Destination Networkone/starter601/complete/businesstrunk4white4Ticks2
  Wallis & Futuna 148,80 146,40 126,21 111,06 1/1
  Western Samoa 71,31 63,68 54,90 48,31 1/1
  Western Samoa Mobile 81,63 72,88 62,83 55,29 1/1

All prices are list price of connection cents (EUR) prices include the currently applicable German VAT

  1. Germany 0.99 cent price applies only to the 60 DUStel tariff.
  2. For DUStel 60 tariff only applies the minute timing 60/60, if it is shown here 1/1.
  3. The price 0.00 cents Germany applies only to the DUStel one tariff when using a simultaneous line. A simultaneous second Call to landline will be charged according to the price list.
  4. The rates from DUStel trunk and white are displayed exempt German VAT of 19%