puzz-g722VoIP is a great technology that has a lot of potential to revolutionize communication as we know it. We are always anxious to promote this fact. Our technology is in a constant process of evolution. Products and services are developed by us and rolled out to the customers.

After TLS and SRTP we have devoted ourselves to the quality of the audio. To / to top the previously most common codec G711a u there was only one answer: G722 (HD)

We offer this codec now available at no charge. Calls from and to the global telephone network are recoded by us for you. The amount of data is left as with G711a / a equal, but the quality of the audio data is better by far. The G722 codec is 64bit / s as big as G711a / u, however, makes the compression used the actual HD effect. It will be packed, the data recorded at 16 kHz, which are then unpacked by the terminal again at the end. Therefore, in the main, stirred the same bandwidth.

You can set the audio compression HD or G722 in many devices already. If you set this codec as the first priority (if available) is also with us this use.

Have fun with the new "feel" to the phone.