IPSec-for-allThe dus.net GmbH presents once more an innovative product. With DUSsecure it is now possible for anyone to build a secure connection to the Internet. You can use this link for Voice over IP as well for all other services which broadcast sensitive data. Use of country-specific services from abroad are possible because you get a German IP address.

The configuration is simple and done in minutes. After ordering the service, you will get access to the IPSec VPN and can transfer unlimited data encrypted to us. The encryption takes place from your mobile device (iPhone, iMac, iPad, iPod touch and all Cisco compatible VPN client) and the VPN Concentrator in our high security data center. For example, your telephone calls are almost save for virtually eavesdropping.

After connected via VPN, you will receive a dedicated public IP address from one of our own IP networks.This IP is dynamic and changes each time you connect. The IP addresses are located in Germany.This means that no matter where in the world they use to use for VPN access an IP address from Germany. DUSsecure can not be used when Access Service Provider (ISP) does not permit VPN connections and filter IPSec protocols. However, this case is rarely.

The service is available on a monthly basis and will be extended by another month if not canceled 3 working days before expiry. DUSsecure costs only € 8.90 per month. If you look at the performance (Table 1), the price is not too high.

The order can be made online. Customers who use only DUSsecure will automatically receive the order and receipt of payment for the first month around the clock, and your access to use the VPN access immediately. Customers who use DUStel business / complete, can use this service immediate after their order is complete. All other customers must provide sufficient credit on their account and can then use the service immeadiatly after the order is complete.  

feature value
Maximum number of connections (Sessions)

2 Sessions

IP addresses allocation

dynamic / static (178.16.5x.xxx German IP address with reverse DNS)

Link speed

100 Mbit/s (FastEthernet)

data volume 


For an additional charge, it is also possible to get a static IP

additional charge € 9,90 / month plus once € 19,90 Setup Fee

Monthly costs with dynamic IP

basic fee € 8.90 / month

table 1