The latest free app from the home of GmbH turns your iPhone / iPad oder iPod touch 4. Gen. into a fully functional SIP phone.Video calls from device to device are possible as well as calls to the global telephone network.

This app is daily developed by our developers. The functions are already diverse.

All you need a tariff of GmbH. The tariff DUStel starter for example is, after registration on our website for immediate use.Click here for a Tariff overview. When ordering a DUStel starter you receive 0.45 EUR starting balance which corresponds to 30 minutes telephony into the German fixed network. The tariff has no monthly fee or minimum contract periods.

An overview of the functions of DUSphone:

  • IP to IP video telephony
  • Calls to the global telephone network
  • To receive calls from the worldwide telephone network (A local phone number is needed for this. Further information on our website)
  • Conference calls with you and up to 3 other participants
  • Hold, swap
  • Audio Codecs G711a/u (PCMA/U), GSM, ILBC
  • Video Codec H.264
  • transport Protocols (UDP, TCP)
  • Background Capable (if TCP is chosen for protocol, the app can run unlimited in background and you are always reachable)


 Screenshot_2012.02.03_13.02.39 Screenshot_2012.02.03_13.17.15 Screenshot_2012.02.03_13.34.55 Screenshot_2012.02.03_13.35.34 Screenshot_2012.02.03_14.01.11

The SIP connecting is easy to sign in. you will find it in our customercenter. Click here for help.

Available on App Store. app_store