europaInternational numbers of GmbH can be ordered from now on in any of our tariffs. It is however, provided a direct debit. The order of the numbers takes place in the customer center. International numbers are subject to special conditions1.

Since December, 1st 2013 it is possible to order numbers and voice channels in no relation. You can now order 3 numbers and only one voice channel as an example. Before this, it was one voicechannel per number required eg. 3 numbers and 3 channels.

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Available Areacodes

 costs per numbercosts per voice channel
Proof of addressonetime EURmonthly EURonetime EURmonthly EUR
passport number or business reg. number and utility bill 10.790.7910.906.90
Athens (+30(0)21)Corfu (+30(0)2661)Ioannina (+30(0)2651)Iraklion (+30(0)281)Kalamata (+30(0)2721)
Komotini (+30(0)2531)Kozani (+30(0)2461)Lamia (+30(0)2231)Larissa (+30(0)241)Patra (+30(0)261)
Siros (+30(0)2281)Thessaloniki (+30(0)231)


1 Important notes:

All numbers are subject to the regulatory situation in the country. In certain countries, a proof of address in the form of a copy of the personal identity card (front and back) and a further proof of address in the form of an actual (gas / water / electricity or cable TV bill) is required. This evidence must be in the order.

The minimum term for an order number is 3 months. After this all numbers of an order may be returned with a period of 14 days before end of a month or ported to another provider. A mix order of station number is not possible at any time. There may be additional charges by the absorbing provider.

The emergency call functionality is not provided by the use of numbers within the respective country. Use a cell phone for emergency calls or an existing landline.